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Vol 8 (2016): academiejaar 2011-2012

redactie: Tim Clerbaut, Sam Cleymans, Jonas Danckers, Willem Hantson, Sadi Maréchal, Ruben Pede, Fran Stroobants, Laurence Van Goethem

Published: 2017-06-05
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Terra Incognita aims to disseminate the results of graduate research at the three Archaeology departments in Flanders. Each year, archaeology graduates from Ghent University, the Free University of Brussels and the Catholic University of Leuven are offered the opportunity to write a paper on their Master research, thus making available the results to the wider archaeological community.

Authors are given close support in preparing what is in many cases their first scholarly publication. The editorial board consists of young archaeologists, partly affiliated with academic institutions. Editors as well are recruited from recent graduates. In this way, new people are able to gain valuable editorial experience and the continuity of the journal is guaranteed.


In addition to the paper-length contributions, each volume of Terra Incognita also features a list of authors and titles of all archaeological Masters dissertations of the academic year in question.